Installing Joomla 2.5.6 in Acquia Drupal Dev Desktop

Want to use Acquia Drupal Dev Desktop to run Joomla CMS, this video tutorials will show you how to install Joomla 2.5.6 in Acquia Drupal Dev Desktop server stack. Enjoy!

Drush sql-sync - How to make it work in Windows 7 PC

This video will show you how I was able to make drush sql-sync command to work on my Windows 7 development PC

The fixed is based in the article that can be seen in this website ->

How to quickly enable or disable and control your Drupal theme using DRUSH

Drush can do so many things specially during development of a Drupal Website and this includes working with theme of your website. Here are some drush command for manipulating theme that I find very useful and handy to memorize while you are working within your drupal site. Screen shot will show you, the code is written below:

Drush command written below.


1.) Enable theme
drush pm-enable themename

2.) Disable theme
drush pm-disable themename

3.) Show information about the theme
drush pm-info themename

4.) List all theme
drush pm-list --type=theme

5.) List enabled theme
drush pm-list --type=theme --status=enabled

6.) Set default theme
drush vset theme_default themename

7.) Set admin theme
drush vset admin_theme themename

8.) show theme status
drush status theme

How to install Drupal 7 through shell using Drush

First you need to login to your server then type the following command seen on this screenshot, the code is shown below.


Step 1 - Go into your public_html folder
  cd ~/public_html

Step 2 - Download Drupal using drush command
  drush dl drupal

Note: If successful, drupal will be downloaded inside public_html/drupal-7.12 directory

Step 3 - Go inside drupal-7.12 folder
   cd drupal-7.12

Step 4 - Move all files into public_html
    mv * .* ..

Step 5 - Go to public_html directory, up one level
    cd ..

Step 6 - Clean up, delete the empty folder
    rm -rf drupal-7.12

Step 7 - Install drupal using drush
     drush site-install --db-url=mysql://dbusername:password@localhost/dbname

Follow the instructions and answer yes if you ask to continue. After installation, take note of username/password given to you. Visit the browser and enjoy your new Drupal 7 website

How to quickly enable or disable Drupal CSS/JS optimization using DRUSH

I find this command very handy during development. Drush can easily disable or enable CSS and JS aggregation using the vset command in Drush. Here's how:


// To turn on JS Aggregation
    drush vset preprocess_js 1 --yes

// To clear all Cache
    drush cc all

// To disable JS Aggregation
   drush vset preprocess_js 0 --yes

// To clear cache of JS and CSS only
   drush cc css+js

// To enable CSS Aggregation
   drush vset preprocess_css 1 --yes

// To disable CSS Aggregation
   drush vset preprocess_css 0 --yes